Evaluation & Publication


  • The main text submitted to the journal must be in English. Manuscripts written in other languages are not accepted.
  • The Editor-in-Chief’s Office checks the conformity of the manuscript with the journal’s general guidelines before sending it to editors and reviewers. Any manuscripts not prepared in accordance with the journal’s guidelines will be returned for revision. If revision is requested, authors should submit their revised manuscripts within three weeks. Manuscripts and revisions should be submitted through the online manuscript submission system at the website https://ejhh.net/. Manuscripts sent by e-mail will not be accepted.
  • All manuscripts must be submitted electronically through the journal’s official online system. After submission, all of the manscripts are evaluated by the edior-in-chief for their scientific contribution, originality and content. Manuscripts are evaluated in accordance with the principles of double-blinded peer review.  Editor-in-chief makes the initial decision based on manuscript’s quality and editorial priorities. Manuscripts may be rejected without peer review by the editor-in-chief if they are beyond the scope of the journal. After editor-in-chief’s decision, manuscripts are technically evaluated. At that stage, all manuscripts not prepared in the format provided on the journal’s website will return to the authors. Technical editors also check similarity of the manuscript. Any manuscript with a similarity index that is higher than the permitted threshold (>20%) will return to authors (excluding References).

    Manuscripts considered to be scientifically adequate, technically suitable and that pass the initial evaluation, are assigned to at least two reviewers for external peer review, to be evaluated in accordance with the principles of double-blinded peer review.  The coordinating editors send the manuscript to reviewers. These reviewers are independent experts and members of the editorial board who have published internationally on the topic of the manuscript. The reviewers must review the manuscript within 21 days. Research articles are also evaluated by the Statistics editor.

    All of the manuscripts are scanned by the Editor-in-Chief’s Office using the iThenticate program for determination of plagiarism and non-ethical situations. Also, all manuscripts are reviewed and edited for compliance with the rules of English grammar. All contributing authors of a manuscript accepted for publication are deemed to have accepted the right of editors to make corrections provided that no fundamental change is made to the basic meaning of the original text. The Coordinating Editor recommends a decision based on the reviewers’ recommendations and returns the manuscript to the Editor-in-Chief.

    The Editor-in-Chief makes a final decision based on editorial priorities, manuscript quality, and reviewer recommendations. If there are any conflicting recommendations from reviewers, the Editor-in-Chief can assign a new reviewer. Manuscripts not accorded priority for publication by the Editor-in-Chief, Editors and Reviewers are rejected.

    After a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author will not be permitted to make any changes that constitute departures from the manuscript that was accepted by the editor. Before publication, the galley proofs are always sent to the authors for corrections. Mistakes or omissions that occur due to some negligence on our part during final printing will be rectified in an errata section in a later issue. This does not include those errors left uncorrected by the author in the galley proof.
  • The retraction requests of the manuscripts close to the final decision in evaluation process, without any reasonable explanation (not contrary to the Publication Ethics) is considered in the scope of rejection decision. Manuscripts that are not revised and resubmitted within the specified time and fail to notify the journal accordingly will be rejected.
  • Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, addition to the author list, removal from the author list and order change cannot be accepted.
  • Information on the latest status of manuscripts submitted for evaluation and other information about the journal are available on the website https://ejhh.net/. Contact details for the Editor-in-Chief’s is given below.

Plagiarism policy

All of the manuscripts are scanned by the Editor-in-Chief’s Office using the iThenticate program for determination of plagiarism and non-ethical situations. The use of someone else’s ideas or words in their original form or slightly changed without a proper citation is considered plagiarism and will not be tolerated. All manuscripts received are submitted to iThenticate, a sophisticated plagiarism checking system, which compares the content of the manuscript with a vast database of web pages and academic publications. All of the similarity reports investigated in detail. Any manuscript with a similarity index (iThenticate result) is higher than 20%  (excluding References) returned to authors. The resubmission of the same title without reducing the similarity score cause a ban of the authors from the journal. Similarity reports with more than 50% scores, even in a single submission, may cause a ban from the journal and the authors’ future submissions may not be considered for publication.

Editor-in-Chief: Assoc. Prof. Hakan Demirci, MD.
Address: Bursa Yüksek İhtisas Training and Research Hospital. Yıldırım. Bursa. Turkey.
Phone: +90 0 536 896 33 30
E-mail: drhakandemirci@hotmail.com